John Hasler
actor and voiceover artist

Rossmore Personal Management (acting)
T: (020) 7258 1953
F: (020) 7258 0124

Just Voices Agency (voiceovers)
T: (020) 7881 2567/8
F: (020) 7881 1657
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Below are some recommended links:


The Lion King Website
The official Disney site with information on the cast of the touring production of The Lion King. 

Buy T-Bag on DVD    
The children's TV show John did is now available on DVD! Series 1-5 are going to be available, check out Revelation Films website for more information. You can also see an online interview I did for them by clicking here...

John's Spotlight Page    
Here you can check out in more detail some of the things John has done as well as a list of his special skills.

The High-T Website
A tribute website to the classic children's Television show John appeared in called T-Bag! Now revamped and updated. And so it's only fair that this site is included in the links! NOTE: Link is now to the correct site! Apologies for that!

The T-Room Website
The original website for the children's Television show John did called T-Bag! You could lose hours on this site!!


John would like to thank all the people who have taken the time to contact him so far. Apologies to anyone who he hasn't responded to yet! He will endeavour to reply to all the comments and emails he receives through this site, but unfortunately can't guarantee a response. However, all emails will be read and he will do his very best to deal with as many as possible. Thanks!



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